SGI is an experienced marketing company marked by growth, quality products, and excellent service. We look ahead to bringing in companies and products that will support the scientists in their Endeavour to furthering the frontiers of Science by:

We provide Customized Value-added services based on customer’s Expectations & Requirements.

  • We aspire to play the role of a coach, mentor, counselor, advisor, trainer & consultant so that we can develop skilled & competent human resources for the Food Processing , Pharma and Industrial Sector.
  • We aspire to keep ourselves updated with the recent advancements in the area of Food Safety across the Globe.
  • We aspire to create demand for and cater to the need of Learning Food Safety aspects amongst the students, farmers, end consumers & other stakeholders of the Food Industry at local, national & international level.

We aspire to act as a connecting link amongst the Academia/ Research Organizations and various layers of the Food Chain (e.g., Farmer, Manufacturer, End Consumer, etc.) and pharma  & cosmetic industries

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our Mission

To service society at large & alleviate Food safety & Food security issues by acting as a connecting link between all sections of Food Industry. our Customers, Stakeholders and Employees and maintain global best practices in quality standards and safety. To deliver high quality products to our customers and set science in motion to create a better world.

  • Our Vision
  • To be the market leader in the “Pharmaceutical , Food and Service Domain” with a global perspective by exceeding customer expectations by providing superior product quality, service solutions, safety and our supply chain facilitated through our multi location channel partners. To be a trusted global partner to customers and suppliers in the life sciences and advanced technological industries.

Best Brands in Industry

We are associated with the best brands of the industry. Due to this we are leading suppliers of CRM’s,  Pharmaceuticals API’s Impurity Oil standards, organic and Environment standards. With more than 100,000 different products we are probably one of the most sought out suppliers in India.


We have strong network to ensure availability of products.


We provide more than >100,000 products depending on client requirement.


Quality comes as standard for every product you select from our catalogue.


Our brand acceptability is high in market with proven track record.

These things make us unique

  • Experience

With experience, we have gained a sustainable position and brand recognition in various Industry.

  • Service

Due to our excellent service and timely deliveries we are among the best suppliers.

  • Improvement

We look ahead and keep moving towards improving our work process and customer satisfaction. The objective is to make sure that our customer feel the better experience every time the select us as their preferred supplier.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is important and when it comes to scientists even a micro level variation is enough to destroy all efforts. So we ensure accuracy and variety of portfolio from world famous brands available for the customers. These efforts not only confirm boost to innovation but also stabilize us as their trusted partner for scientific equipments.

  • Complete Solution

From research to production we take care of all requirements. We also work on customer specific unique requirements using our global delivery capabilities. This is also a great milestone for researchers where a partner is continuously fulfilling need for equipments.

More about SGI

  • Serving as a collaborative partner to meet the unique needs of our customers
  • Leveraging our global reach to deliver all products and services on time, safely and securely
  • Delivering the highest quality services and solutions with a secure supply chain that spans customer needs from research to production