Environmental Services

  • HSE contract audit
  • Develop Site Safety Plan
  • HSE survey
  • Develop HIRA
  • Construction Safety Audit
  • HSE Campaign
  • HSE Training
  • HSE audit
  • Prepare and review HSE plan
  • Preparation and review HIRAC
  • Occupational health facilities
  • Doctor/Hospital on contract
  • First aider training

SGI provide services in following other Sectors

1. Transportation

a. Road

b. Railways

c. Ropeways

d. Tunnel

e. Airport

2. Public Health Engineering

a. Water Supply system

b, Sewerage System

3. Bridge Inspection, Retrofitting Solution and Landslide Solution

4. Industrial Solution

For each sector, solutions includes concept paper, pre-feasibility, feasibility, Detailed Project Report, Cost Solutions and Optimizations, Pre-bid Solutions, Land Acquisions, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Forest Proposal, Project Management and Contract Management.

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